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July 6, 2022

Waheen Market

MMC won a competition to construct a modern shopping center recently to rectify the tragedy of last April, when a massive fire tore through the main market in the city of Hargeisa in Somaliland.
Let us show you what the location looks like now, with a preview of MMC’s “Waheen Market” project to revolutionize the area.

Waheen Market Shopping Center is one of the biggest projects Murtada Maaz Consultancy is currently undertaking. However, The road which has led us to this point, where we have the privilege to create such a magnificent landmark was not small either.

Check out the origins of this huge project

To see a video clip demonstrating the project, click here

About MMC

Murtada Maaz Consultancy Is a well-established practice founded back in 1995 to provide excellence through innovation, by Murtada Maaz – Architect and general manager, and is located in Khartoum Sudan.

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