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Integrated, enduring, and visionary planning for sustainable built environments

MMC’s interdisciplinary urban design team weaves public spaces, diverse uses, and memorable context into a distinctive pattern of place. We bring design experience and sensibility to the form of cities, the fabric of urban life, the process of engagement and the policies of implementation. Our work enriches lives through the design of extraordinary places, focusing on the best qualities of urban life.

We create sustainable city environments and enduring places of beauty that transform our everyday lives. Our designers work in places of magnificent urban opportunity that demand creativity in tackling growth, transformation, leadership challenges, and community passions.

Successful regeneration and creation of sustainable cities demands subtle cultural, environmental, and economic responses. Our urban designers partner with inventive and experimental design professionals from diverse perspectives to create magnetic places unique to their settings. We constantly advance the development of new tools and push innovative thought for design and communication. Informed by our global expertise and experience, we craft thoughtful, multi-layered urban designs that have shaped cities around the world.

We transform new cities, waterfronts, city centers, educational and corporate campuses, and urban districts into vibrant, sustainable communities. MMC urban designers envision flexible solutions that antici¬pate future change. We establish the vision, identify the means, and develop a framework for action, generating long-term economic, social, and environmen¬tal value for private and public clients and communities. We take special pride in urban design’s global potential for positive change, and our firm is distinguished by our com¬mitment as leaders in sustainability.

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