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We believe passionately that those cities that are positioned to excel in this time of global change are pursuing broad, integrated strategies to tap hidden value, celebrate ecology and culture, attract people and investment and overcome financial and operational inefficiencies to define success.

As one of the world’s largest urban design and civil infrastructure consultancies, MMC does more than answer questions for cities, we help to reframe them. Both pragmatic and visionary, we are well placed to deliver successful urban environments — whether it is helping cities to prioritize capital asset reliability, plan for climate adaptation, protect assets or provide for sustainable economic development. We see in these kinds of projects the opportunity to not just build resilience but achieve brilliance. We call these brilliant cities.

MMC’s urban solutions help cities to better prioritize projects, plan ahead and provide for sustainable growth. Our work in the urban space is enhanced through deepening partnerships with key organizations and stakeholders.


Capital asset reliability: getting infrastructure right

Balancing the maintenance and rehabilitation of aging infrastructure with the need for sustainable growth requires effective planning and decision-making, especially considering the challenges of funding large and complex projects. From maintaining physical assets, delivering long-term value to staff and residents, or keeping in step with the shifting ground of economic and regulatory environments, we apply the skills and knowledge of our team to strive for optimum performance throughout every stage of the asset life cycle and minimize unexpected failures.


Climate adaptation: minimizing tomorrow’s risks today

Increasingly volatile seasonal storms, higher temperatures and deeper droughts in some areas are leaving residents, municipalities and businesses vulnerable to property losses, infrastructure damage and even loss of life. By analyzing the potential threats from climate change, it is possible to develop efficient and effective solutions to protect people and preserve resources in the face of the most destructive extreme weather events.


Development and regeneration: enabling sustainable growth

In the coming decades, trillions of dollars will be invested in infrastructure for the world’s cities. This spending provides unprecedented opportunities to drive low-carbon growth that can bring multiple benefits to the world’s population in the form of jobs, health, business productivity and quality of life. Our experts identify, plan for, implement and manage these plans and programs, making real the visions of economically strong and resilient communities while protecting investments.

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