Murtada Maaz Consultancy Is a well-established practice founded back in 1995 to provide excellence through innovation, by Architect Murtada Maaz, the founder and general manager of company , and is located in Khartoum Sudan.

In 2021, a business named MMC Engineering Consultants was created as a partnership between Murtada Maaz Consultancy and Architect Abdulla Kazim Nasser Alkhalsan Alnuaimi in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Since Murtada Maaz Consultancy established in 1995 , it has worked on more than 900 projects, its key objective is to provide precise professional services in a versatile and efficient manner. The complexity inherent in the design and construction industry demands clear thinking and an organized project management approach. The clarity evident in our project management abilities also surfaces in our design skills; our designs are technically resolved and clearly delineated.

World class collaboration, Peerless solutions are only revealed by partners. That is the art of collaboration. Every time we work in partnership with a company or individuals we put our reputation on the line. That’s why we only choose to partner with the best of the best.

As we reflect on those years, we realize that passion truly fuels our practice. We offer distinctive design and personalized service to each client based on an in-depth understanding of their goals and needs. We devote hours to each project, paying close attention to the details without losing sight of the bigger picture. Project teams are assigned to each project we undertake, and the team members see the work through from start to finish. Our Principals play a leadership role in every project; their extensive personal interaction with the client and project staff insures the best design possible.

The other important factor in the success of the design is the close observation of personal behavior. We believe it is important to design a building based on people’s habits, behaviour, and culture.

The exact cost calculation and the adherence to the budget are basic requirements for our work. The planning and construction time follow professional construction schedules, which are set up and supervised by our well-cooperating project management. We consult our professionals and hear from stakeholders.

Our primary aim is not just to create new space design but to design in an appropriate and correct way. We reach this goal by applying in the proper manner the factors that go into making a project character; form, function, material, technical services, and our experience in integration are combined in the most suitable way to create a project that is respectful to its object and goal. This is only possible, however, when the design’s basis is a rational, functionally intelligent, innovative and thus formally expressive concept

Murtada Maaz Consultancy seeks to inspire young professionals to appreciate the limitless opportunities within its practice for those who preserve in a difficult professional field that is rooted in commitment, excellence, competence, professionalism, ethics and a sensitivity of context.

This volume will focus on the various dimensions of the work of Murtada Maaz Consultancy and the values that have consistently guided its professional practice. It will also discuss the company’s longevity in the industry, its public advocacy of ethics and sound environmental practices, its countless certification of excellence in management and professional practice. It’s recognition as one of the top consultants in Sudan, its local and international network of professionals and partners, and its wealth of talented architects, designers, engineers and office support personnel.

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