15 years ago when I had my interview to work at MMC I met an ambitious young Architect, a gentle person who was guided by his principles, foremost of which are integrity, honesty, and discipline. These continue to be the solid foundation of his life and career in addition to his great professional experience. his childhood dream as he put it ( I have been fond of architecture since I was a child, my father discovered this in me accidentally in the late eighties. I always held the dream to be an architect inside of me until one day I changed the path of my career to become an architect fulfilling my dream. After graduation, I came back to Sudan to seek out architectural design opportunities and from there That ever-expanding dream became Murtada Maaz Consultancy).

While justifiably proud of his many accomplishments, including the growth of his once small practice, Murtada remains one of the humble per- sons I have met. He constantly reminds us to share what we know, to be creative, to think big, and to be responsible professionals

Under Murtad’s personal direction – I had always remembered my father’s statement “Don’t offer any service which you cannot offer me and my family members” – and through the exemplary work of his dedicated staff, including the expert Management and supervision provided by Eng. Amin Abdu MMC was able to achieve all project’s goals while delivering high quality drawings and documents within the deadline of a stringent timetable. The company project’s demonstrated what competent consultant can accomplish through integrated design and team collaboration.

I’ve once disused with him his principles in serving the community and he told me that(I understand we’re a part of our community, so our responsibilities go further than just keeping systems running and creating new business solutions for our clients. We have an obligation to lend a helping hand in the community at large and as we care for the society and future generations through our continuing dedication towards education and building the community… That’s what our Corporate Responsibility program is all about.

On this occasion of MMC’s 20th anniversary, I take great pride in having been part of the company’s outstanding accomplishments and look forward to greater future in the years ahead.


Arch.Murtada Maaz

Chief Executive Officer

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